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For more than three decades we have provided leasing solutions, expertly guiding our clients through the life cycle of their assets.

We understand that each property is unique and tailor a leasing strategy specific to the needs of the property.

We are passionate about achieving exceptional results for our clients and will collaborate with you to realise the potential of your property, ensuring the best returns on investment.

Our industry knowledge and client relationships have been nurtured over the decades. Through our comprehensive relationship management, we have built a community in the retail and commercial sector allowing our team to collaboratively achieve outstanding results.


Specialising in retail asset management for decades, our team are well-appointed to advise you on all aspects of your retail and commercial holdings.

We can guide you through the key components of centre management, retail hubs and commercial asset management.

Innovative in our approach, we proactively partner with you to achieve the most positive outcomes for your investment. Our teams are trained in all facets of retail management across large format retail, neighbourhood, strip, and sub-regional centres.

We offer in-depth local and national market knowledge and insights to gain the best outcomes for our clients for their investments.


We have been marketing and managing retail and commercial property for decades. Through in-depth research and industry knowledge, we aim to develop a strategy best suited to your property.

Our dedicated team are across the requirements of their centres and have an astute understanding of property matching the right retailer to your property needs.


If you are looking to secure a new development, we offer consulting services to guide you through the process.

We have partnered with many investors over the decades and can provide panoramic insights including the risks and benefits of each site.

Our retail expertise ensures that you experience a tailored solution that supports you through this stage of your investment and into the long term.


Our analysis services are meticulously designed to provide valuable insights and strategic direction for our clients.

We extend a comprehensive range of advisory services, including but not limited to demand and gap analysis, rental analysis, and design workshops.

Our expertise in these fields ensures that our clients are empowered to make informed decisions for success in the dynamic landscape of retail property.


We are well-versed in sales and divestment strategies, and we offer unparalleled expertise and advice for our clients who are looking at the next stage of their retail portfolio.

Our team has an intricate understanding of the process so that you can be sure when you are making your next retail investment decision, you are equipped with the best solutions and advice.

Harrington Property Group has owned Fairfield Forum Shopping Centre for more than 10 years. We have always had the businesses associated with the Directors of Retail Projex as our Centre Managers.

We have developed a strong and trusted relationship with the group based on excellent proactive communication, a willingness to invest time and resources as well as the proven Portfolio Management structure that Retail Projex provides. The solutions based management approach and positivity to feedback allows us to have a robust and mutually rewarding relationship.


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